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Welcome Delegate!

Dear Delegate,

On behalf of the Asia Oceania Service Meeting (AOSM) members, we welcome you to this vital arm of AA Service in our section of the world.

This document will give you a brief summary of the AOSM. You can read more about AOSM on our website.

Before the actual AOSM meeting, you will be given presentations on the procedures of the meeting like Robert’s Rules, Third Legacy, and the importance of maintaining contact between meetings.

Meanwhile, we encourage you to study this document and make yourself familiar with the operation of the AOSM.

Looking forward to working together as we spread the AA message of recovery throughout our corner of the globe.

Yours in AA Service

Bertie S.
Chair AOSM

General Delegate Information

How long will you serve as a delegate to AOSM?

You will serve for a term of four years. For the first two years, you will serve as a ‘1st Term Delegate’. For the next two years, after your fellowship has elected a new ‘1st Term Delegate’, you will serve as a ‘2nd Term Delegate’.

When will my term start and end?

Your term will start on the date determined by the highest level of your service structure. Your start date does not need to coincide with the beginning of an AOSM or with the end of an AOSM. However, immediately after you have attended your second AOSM, you will stand down from the AOSM sub-committee that you’ve been serving on. You’ll stand down even though you may continue to serve as the 2nd Term Delegate for your structure until the end of your four-year term.

How many AOSMs will you attend?

You can see in the sample timeline above that you will attend two AOSMs; one during your first term and one during your second term.

What will you do during each AOSM?

During each AOSM, you will:

  • take part in informal discussions and structured workshops
  • vote on recommendations tabled by the sub-committees.

You may also have the opportunity to attend regular AA meetings, guided tours of your host city, several lunches and a gala dinner!

What will you do between the two AOSMs?

Between the two AOSMs, you will:

  • attend online meetings, roughly once-a-month, of the sub-committee that AOSM will assign you to
  • present the outcomes of each AOSM to your local fellowship
  • liaise between your fellowship and the other fellowships of AOSM, exchanging ideas, resources and services which will benefit all members of AOSM.